According to two separate reports Wells Fargo is taking the lead amongst major banks with regard to financing large payday lenders. Following closely, is US Bancorp. and JP Morgan Chase & Co. Up to this point the banks have provided, accumulatively,
more than $2.5 billion in credit to large payday lenders, including those that offer pay day loans online.

This report shows the need for payday lenders to exist. It also gives testimony to the banks’ interests in taking advantage of the payday lending industry in an indirect way with little involvement.

While there are many critics of the pay day lending industry, it is important to know that payday loan businesses are legitimate businesses that contribute to the growth of the economy by providing jobs, paying their fair share of taxes and dues, and help their consumers with fast and quick loans when cash flow is a problem. It is important to distinguish between reputable lenders and other lenders who may be engaging in unethical lending practices.

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